Our Proven Process

What’s the point of doing something well if you can’t replicate it? When we start talking with a new client, we don’t jump right into selling you radio ads. We want your business to succeed, so we’ve outlined a process to do just that.

This process takes place over the course of several meetings.

Proven Marketing Process

Discovery Meeting

Think of this as your brand kick-off meeting. During this portion of the process, we’ll learn all about you and your business. We’ll get to know your business thoroughly and strategically. We’ll also talk about your competition and where you stand compared to your competitors.

Strategy Meeting

After the discovery meeting, we move into the strategy portion of our proven process, which starts with a brainstorming session.

Presentation Meeting

During this meeting, we’ll present the custom proposal we’ve built for you. With it, you’ll get some sample ad copy using your strategy based message.

Partnering Principles

After you’ve agreed to the proposal, this process will continue throughout your campaign. Our process is dynamic and requires several touch points throughout to ensure results are being generated effectively.
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