Strategy Meeting

After the discovery meeting, we move into the strategy portion of our proven process.


This is where the fun begins! We get to brainstorm all sorts of ideas about how to bring results to your business and start building your brand. No idea is a bad idea. We write everything down and then start narrowing our options by which ones best fit with your USP we defined in the Discovery Meeting.

Once we’ve pulled out the best of the best, we hand it over to our wordsmiths to make it pop.

Determine Marketing Options

From our discussion about your cups in the discovery meeting, we’ll make recommendations for which cups we feel would be most beneficial for your business and your brand.

We’ll also recommend which radio stations and marketing services best suit your business.

Aside from 30 or 60-second ads, your business might also benefit from weather, news, or sports sponsorships. Perhaps there’s a contest running on one of our stations that would be a perfect fit for you – or perhaps we’ll create a contest just for your business because it’s a great fit.

Further, we might recommend some digital advertising, event sponsorships, or live broadcasts as well.

Custom Proposal

We’ll take everything we’ve learned about your business, your competitors, your industry, and your current marketing initiatives and sum it all up into a proposal.

We’ll present your strategy and strategy-based message from our copy-writing wordsmiths. You’ll also see our recommendations for radio stations, digital services, sponsorships, etc. It’ll outline what frequency you need to use for a dominant frequency - remember, we need to fill that cup!

Finally, you’ll see your bricks and mortar that we’ve created (with your help) for your business. A brick is a single idea, a single thought. We’ll use one brick per campaign. Your mortar is the strategy based message created by our wordsmiths which will be prominent in every single message moving forward.

Get Your Business on the Radio