Leighton Media
Family & Employee Owned

Leighton Media is a family-owned media company, but we bring our employees into the fold as well. The Leighton family has controlled the company since its founding, but today our employees hold a 33.8% stake in the company. What does this mean for you as a customer?

By establishing a foundation as a family-owned business, Leighton Media is more than just a business with profit margins, operational goals, and a bottom line. Everyone that works within Leighton Enterprises, from the on-air talent at our radio stations to the marketing team at Vye, is a part of the family. Each piece of the puzzle that makes up our company started small, with a talented staff, and grew through hard work and determination.

Al Leighton founded Leighton Media in the 1950s with little more than a dream to get himself on the radio, and the requisite amount of desire to meet that goal. Over the years, Al purchased KDLM AM in Detroit Lakes, KFAM AM & FM in St. Cloud, and went on to expand his radio coverage to stations in Iowa, North Dakota, and Texas.

In 2010, Magnetic Spark joined the Leighton Enterprises family, bringing with it a model for success in the production of promotional materials that get marketing messages across with clarity and pizzazz. Leighton Interactive started with just three, Internet-savvy people. Today, Leighton Interactive provides our customers with interactive digital marketing and web management services.

While Al left us in 2012, passing away peacefully at his St. Cloud home on June 28th, some of his nine children stepped forward to continue the family vision that has driven Leighton Media into the 21st century. His son Bob Leighton serves as the CEO today, with Jean Leighton serving as Secretary and Jeff Leighton working as the General Manager in our Detroit Lakes and Perham markets.

The inclusion of Leighton family members ensures that Al's vision for the company, and its employees, continues. Al believed that results came naturally if you did the job right. He emphasized constant training and focused on positive results for our customers before sales figures. Wouldn't you know it; Al found that sales came anyway if you did the job right.

All of our employees strive to continually improve. Each company within Leighton Enterprises focuses on the core processes, such as radio advertising, that led to success over six decades. At the same time, employees at our sister companies bring extensive knowledge of the digital realm to bear to help each of our customers take advantage of digital marketing schemes that drive success and spread brand awareness.

In a family, it's the people around you that matter most. A family will always do what's best for the family. Leighton Media is no different. We focus on results that benefit our clients, and won't rest until we find the marketing and advertising plan that benefits your business.

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