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Keeping It All in the Family 


Leighton Engage

Leighton Engage helps businesses find their focus, refine their voice, and align with their audience through marketing that generates real results. We've been showing companies how best to brand and advertise their business for over a decade. We understand the pressures small businesses face and how imperative every decision is. We exist to ease that burden with intention and respect. Find your focus with Leighton Engage. 


Mag Spark

Magnetic Spark

At Magnetic Spark, they haven't developed any trademarked processes or newfangled business models. Their difference is in their people and culture. They believe big egos and superior attitudes get in the way of big ideas and superior results. So everything they do at Magnetic Spark is designed to put ideas at the top. And that's why their clients, vendors and other partners will tell you that Magnetic Spark delivers the goods, whether it's a big event implementing the direction of a brand — or a backyard BBQ.

Magnetic Spark helps clients build movements by igniting unique ideas in marketing promotional items and decorated clothing. They're driven to helping businesses and organizations discover and sustain excitement about who they are.


LB Video Productions

LB Video Productions

We don’t just make videos. We make relatable stories that connect your brand with your consumers, customers, and community. No matter your industry, no matter your target audience, video will showcase your business or service in the most impactful, authentic way possible.


Leighton Events

Leighton Events

Leighton Events takes care of all the heavy lifting of event planning and execution for you.  Let our event staff be your event staff.  Each year, Leighton Events holds shows that draw tens of thousands of people to help you grow your business.   


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