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We are family

At Leighton Media, we see opportunities for connection and celebration on every street, across every landscape, and around each thriving community we serve. Our job is to bring these places to life through the power of radio, music, and personality.

We see the world a bit differently. We're creative. We're driven. We’re passionate. We're relentless in the name of local communities and the brands that comprise these areas of commerce. Our vehicle just happens to be the medium of radio. We're fortunate like that!

Whether our job is to create a brand or advertise a small business expansion or call for employment recruitment for a local company, we’re united in our strategy and foundation - the very foundation our founder and namesake Al Leighton created for us all those decades ago.

Our past can help shape your future.
(And yes, vice versa!)

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Our people are everything

It is not about hitting corporate numbers; it's about getting successful results for our clients. In turn, we are successful when our clients see success. That is why I look forward to another 18 years at Leighton Media!

- Denise

Leighton Media is one of those companies that not only trains, but goes above and beyond the call of duty to give everyone the tools to be successful. They analyze your strengths and weaknesses to put you in the best scenario to succeed.

- Michael

Leighton Media is committed to the personal success of each of us, with ongoing training and constant improvements.

- Thad

I value the flexibility that Leighton Media provides to me as an account executive. With two young kids, I don’t feel like I have to miss out on anything! It’s truly a work hard, play hard atmosphere.

- Aimee

At Leighton Media, our focus is creating successful strategies to help our clients and our communities grow.

As an employee, not only am I given the resources to continue my training, I’m also given ample growth opportunities, flexibility and a really fun team of people to work with. It’s a pleasure going to work each day!

- Kathleen

Leighton invests a lot of time into professional development to make sure we are armed with the knowledge we need to help local businesses. The focus isn't on the money, it's about how we can help our clients grow and be more successful. It's honestly unlike any place I've ever worked!

- Amanda

Our Secret’s in the Sauce … Errrr, People!

The Leighton Media team is comprised of roles and experts ranging from on-air talent and station operations to account executives and marketing specialists and promotional street teams and event directors. The day-to-day of a career with Leighton might vary from team member to team member, but one thing is constant: we’re armed with a passion for radio and everything it represents both on and off the air.

We take care of our family

Coaching & Mentorship

Together we’re better and stronger. Our culture is collaborative, empathetic, and full of accountability.


We provide our employees and their families access to affordable dental insurance.

Employee Owned

Our company is 47.98% owned by our employees through a program called ESOP.

Event Access

We celebrate everything at Leighton Media - and there is a lot of goodness happening in our communities and lives of our clients.

Financial Wellness

We want our employees to achieve their financial goals so we provide access to a financial wellness program.


We provide our employees and their families access to affordable healthcare.

Local Discounts

Enjoy extra discounts on local goods and services including automotive, health and beauty, wellness, entertainment, and food!


Imagine working with a killer soundtrack, all the time. Calling all audiophiles!

Paid Parent Leave

We believe time off for mom and dad is important for growing families.

Professional Development

A core value of Leighton Media is the objective of personal and professional growth.

Educational Assistance

If you're looking to advance yourself professionally in your career pathway, we want to support you!


We provide our employees and their families access to affordable vision insurance.

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Work With Your Heart

The type of people we're looking to bolster our team doesn't fit in a single or tidy category. It's our vast differences and diverse backgrounds that make our team so successful. Just as there are no two radio station formats alike, there are no two Leighton Media careers alike. We focus on the bold - those people with fire in their veins and a complete intolerance for the status quo. We like to be pushed. We love to learn. We prefer to the lead the pack. And we're hungry … and hiring.

Have fun at work!