Discovery Meeting

Think of this as your brand kick-off meeting. During this portion of the process, we’ll learn all about you and your business. We’ll get to know your business thoroughly and strategically. We’ll also talk about your competition and where you stand compared to your competitors.

This is best illustrated with a ladder.

Your Ladder

Who’s the 800 pound gorilla in your industry? Is it a big box store or a local shop? Perhaps you’re the 800 pound gorilla, and you want to maintain that status to prevent your competitors from knocking you from the top.

Marketing Competition Ladder

Together, we’ll build your industry ladder. After we talk about your competitors and decide which one has the most market share (typically the 800 pound gorilla), we’ll place them, along with your business, on a ladder with the biggest competitor on top.

This illustrates, visually, where you rank in the industry compared to your competition.

Unique Selling Proposition

Then, we’ll talk about your USP – Unique Selling Proposition. What’s the single thing about your business that makes you different; makes you unique? WHY should someone choose to do business with YOU instead of your competition?

This has to be solid, because it will lay the foundation for everything else that follows. It has to use simple, yet powerful words to clearly articulate who you are and why you exist. If you can put your competitor’s name on your USP and have it still resonate, then we need to keep honing it; keep perfecting it. It’s not done until it’s uniquely yours.

In most cases, your USP won’t have anything to do with your product or service. It should be about WHY you do what you do. Like Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

That’s why crafting a remarkable unique selling proposition is crucial for building your brand and gaining market share.

Current Marketing Practices

Next, we’ll talk about your current marketing efforts. Why would a radio station have any interest in your other marketing efforts? Because we strive to be more than radio. Since we believe in results above all else, we want all of your marketing to bring results, not just your radio ads.

We also believe in consistency. It’s one thing to have a great radio commercial with a solid message. However, if your billboards, television commercials, and/or consumer experience don’t live up to your brand promise, you’ve created inconsistency for your customer. This will ultimately hurt the effectiveness of your radio campaign, too.

How Many Cups are You In?

We’ll also talk about a concept we like to call “cups.” It’s another analogy to help get the most out of your advertising budget. Each medium you advertise on is a cup. When the cup is full, you’ve saturated that medium, and you are getting results. If you have budget left, then you can start filling a new cup.

Many times, we see business with dozens of half-full cups. They aren’t dominating any medium with enough frequency to make a splash.

Here’s a great video from Chuck Mefford to illustrate this analogy:

Once we know how many cups you’re pouring your ad dollars into, we can help you choose the best ones to fill and overflow.

Get Your Business on the Radio