Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Partnering Principles

After you’ve agreed to the proposal, this process will continue throughout your campaign. Our process is dynamic and requires several touch points throughout to ensure results are being generated effectively.

Our Proven Process

Execute Marketing Plan

Once you initially partner with us, this will be where we produce the actual creative for your ads. Usually, they’re audio ads to run on the radio. They could also be display ads for our website, or video pre-rolls for our web streams. All of it will utilize your strategy-based message.


You’ll get regular check-ins from your account executive to see how things are going and if you need anything at any time. They’ll periodically present you with other opportunities that have come up since you last spoke, and it’ll give you a chance to provide feedback to us.

Monitor ROI

We’ll define success before we even begin, and then we’ll check-in on a regular basis to see how we’re pacing to meet or exceed your goals and expectations.

Adjust Plan & Creative

During this process, typically every 4-6 weeks, we’ll assess the following:

  • Marketing Bridge: Consistency, above all else, is critical. From the message your potential customers see and hear, to their experience in your store or at your business, to the friendliness of your employees, to the cleanliness of your restrooms. It all matters. We’ll work with you to keep every aspect of your business in tip-top shape.
  • Market Changes: Are there new technologies on the horizon that might change the way you do business? A new competitor coming to town? Or maybe a competitor going out of business? We’ll analyze these changes and decide how to best take advantage of them for your business.
  • Ad Creative: You can’t run the same ad forever. We’ll have a list of topics (bricks) that we can run. Typically, the order of these will be pre-determined in your proposal, but things can change.
  • Other Marketing Options: We’ll keep you informed of what other options we have that could benefit your business. Many times, these options are seasonal or time-sensitive, such as with sports marketing or station contests.
  • UTOPIA+D: This stands for Urgency. Theme. Offer. Price. Intrusive Media. Action. The +D refers to Dominant Frequency. If you’re running an event and you want to promote it: this is what we look at to make sure you see results. UTOPIA+D. You need all of these to see success when it comes to event marketing.
  • New Options: This is our chance to present you with new products or services on our end. It could be a new banner position on our websites or a new package on one of our radio stations.
  • Budget Review: We’ll also review your budget regularly. Seasonal business can be especially susceptible to swings in their revenue, which can affect – either up or down – your marketing budget.

If there are no changes, great. If there are, this gives us the chance to stay ahead of the curve so we don’t get caught off-guard. All of these steps, when conducted in order, have proven to work, which is why we’ve established this process.

Our Proven Process in Action

We've done this for hundreds of clients over the years. We hand picked nine of our favorites and featured them in this blog series. Go ahead and peruse through their stories and get inspired.

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