Giving Back Through
Community Involvement

Success in business, as in sports, always comes down to teamwork. The best hockey teams in the state won't win it all with just a great goalie between the pipes. Victory requires solid defense and a potent attack in addition to great goaltending. At Leighton Broadcasting, we realize that our success is the result of our methods and the support of our local community in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota.

Our team members are part of the communities they work in, whether that's St. Cloud, Winona, Grand Forks, and anywhere in between. We achieve success only by standing on the shoulders of a community that supports our business. In appreciation for the support of our friends and neighbors, Leighton Broadcasting strives to give back to every community we operate in.

Staff members, from administrative assistants and on-air talent to social media strategists and brand managers give back on their own time. Our employees volunteer with local charities, coach youth sports teams, and support local fundraising efforts. Some even get involved in local arts and culture events, such as theaters and musical organizations. Others serve as local board members, using their knowledge and insight from the business world for the betterment of the community.

Regardless of when and where our team gives back, it is done in an effort to ensure that the communities we all share are bright and enjoyable places to live, as well as work. Aside from individual efforts, Leighton Broadcasting uses its brand name and media presence positively in local markets.

We are an enthusiastic partner of theĀ Bernick's Family Fitness Series. Through promotions and social media awareness on 104.7 KCLD, Leighton Broadcasting is helping nurture healthier living in central Minnesota. The mission of the series is to improve the health and wellness of children and adults through fun, educational, family-friendly fitness events. Just as our business relies upon the support of the local community, so too does your company.

We acknowledge the many locally-owned businesses that understand the importance of this connection between good community stewardship and good business. When you work with Leighton Broadcasting, you are working with a partner that works with you to nurture the relationship between communities and businesses by giving back through community involvement.

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